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There is a simplicity to the plumbing system set-up in your kitchen that may hide the complexity of the system as a Residential Kitchen Plumbing Services Lincoln NE whole. When the average person thinks of items that use water in the kitchen, they think of the sink. Furthermore, they think of the sink in the same way that they think of the sink in their bathroom as simply a place 
to wash hands and get water when needed.

They tend to ignore the fact that the sink is attached to a garbage disposal, and feature a more complex set-up than the average bathroom sink. In addition, there are also hookups to the dishwasher, which is complex in its own right, as well as to the ice-maker in most modern freezers. With all of that in mind, there is a complexity to the kitchen set-up that needs to be handled by 
an expert who knows what they are doing.
Professional plumber working on garbage disposal


It is important to recognize that a clog in the kitchen sink needs to be dealt with differently than a clog in the bathroom sink. A bathroom sink clog can typically be taken care of with some liquid drain fluid, thought this method is never recommended, as the caustic chemicals can further harm your pipes, especially if they are older. A kitchen sink clog, on the other hand, needs to be dealt with by a professional, as there are complexities that need to be considered. Not only is there a garbage disposal that needs to be recognized, but there are also piping that needs to be handled correctly. Same goes for a dish washing unit as well.

For those who are looking for professional kitchen plumbers to take on the job, a quick look online will show just how many different options are out there to consider. The more that one looks, the better off they will be.


Do you need to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced in the Lincoln Area? Call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc now at (402) 466-8118 for quick, cost-effective garbage disposal repairs and replacements.

You depend on your garage disposal a lot; enough, in fact, that you have a tendency to take it for granted. When you put food down the drain and turn the switch, you expect the disposal to not just work, but to also work enough that there are no issues to even consider with the machine. The problem is, like any other complex machine out there, disposals run Garbage Disposal Services Install and Repair Lincoln NEinto issues. When they do, you aren't just left with a sink drain full of food, but you are also left with a problem that needs a professional. While it is tempting to try and fix it on your own, well, it can be dangerous to try it that way.
Old, dirty garbage disposal


The first is that it simply wears out, meaning that, over time, parts where out which cause the whole thing to just stop working. For some situations, a new part is needed; in other situations, it is just cheaper and easier to buy an entirely new machine.

The second way that your disposal is going to run into issues is that there is a metal item, or even a rock, that is stuck in the blade and cannot get out. All it takes is a bottle cap, or even a small pebble, to cause the machine to go into a stand-still. This is not the time to try taking it out with your own hands, especially if you have never worked on the machine before.

The third reason for an issue is going to be that one tried to force too much food down the disposal at one time. While you may think that your machine can take anything on, if you put too much of a certain "stringy" food, or something sticky that can slow down the blades, the machine could overheat and simply stop working. While it is important to regulate the amount of food that goes down the disposal at one time, not everyone follows those rules.

Regardless of the reason the disposal is not working, it is important to call out a professional who can take care of the issue. Some plumbers specialize in garbage disposal repairs, while other times the best option is going to be someone who works specifically with them. Whatever way you go, you want to get it fixed as soon as you possibly can.
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