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A great plumbing technician has a variety of tools and techniques to solve all your plumbing problems. At Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, our technicians are the most well-trained in the business! When our technicians arrive on-time to your home or business, you can expect them to be in a marked company truck in uniform. We’ll leave your house just as clean as we found it!

There are many ways your plumbing can manifest problems. A few include:

• Water pooling in your yard or next to your foundation for no clear reason
• No hot water
• Rust or other material in the water coming out from faucets
• Water in the basement
• An unexpected spike in your water bill
• A sewage odor or other rotten smell

Whenever you suspect a plumbing issue, make sure to call your Lincoln plumbing pros—call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc at (402) 466-8118!

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There is a Reason We've Been Around Since 1949
City License #1 & #90

When plumbing, heating, or cooling problems strike, it’s always useful to have a great local plumber and HVAC contractor that you can trust. You never know when a toilet might back up or when your AC may break down! When the unexpected or unwanted happens, you can count on Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc to be there for you! Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc offers qualified and experienced technicians and advanced methods while giving your home, your business, and your investment the respect it deserves. 

We’re a family-owned and operated company in its third generation and we’re proud of the work we’ve done 
in the Lincoln area!

City License #1 & #90


•  Faucets & Sinks
• Toilets & Urinals
• Showers & Tubs
• Disposals & Drain Lines
• Dishwashers & Water Lines
• Water Heaters & Sump Pumps


• Sewer camera
• Sewer jetting 
• Main sewer line
• Toilet clogs
• Kitchen & bath drains
• Downspouts & yard drains


Furnace service & Installation
• AC Service & Installation
• Air Quality Specialists
• Geothermal Systems
• Commercial & Residential
• Heating & Cooling service

Newly built home with heating and cooling systems installed by Biggerstaffs


Our seasoned specialists will quickly evaluate your situation to determine the best air conditioning and heating options for your household. With the right unit, you will not only have a comfortable home, but also a cost-effective solution to conserving energy and decreasing your monthly utility bill. All our HVAC technicians are NATE certified, so you can be sure they know their craft!

Customers often wonder when to replace an air conditioning unit or furnace. Even though there are several reasons that may lead to replacing a unit the main factor is often the performance of the unit. If your Lincoln AC or furnace is displaying any of the following or other troublesome signs, give us a call at (402) 466-8118!

• One of the main indicators of the need to replace an air conditioning or heating unit is when the unit is in need of constant repair. If a unit requires maintenance more than once a season, it may be more cost effective to replace the whole thing entirely.

• Another indicator is a high utility bill. Older units often require more electricity to perform. Many of the newer units are built to utilize 20% to 30% less energy and even comply with Energy Star standards. 

If your AC is not able to cool an entire room, then it is not performing at an optimal level. This is especially the case if you have taken steps to create a more energy efficient home.

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