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Biggerstaff provides a full range of plumbing services throughout the Lincoln, NE area. 

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• Lincoln
• Waverly
• Ashland
• Crete
• Bennet
• Denton
• Ceresco
• Eagle
• Raymond
• Malcolm

Complete Plumbing & HVAC Services 
for the Greater Lincoln Area

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Having consistent plumbing services done at home helps homeowners keep their house in good shape and emergencies from happening. Keeping your home under maintenance and care from certified professionals can be of huge outcome to you and your loved ones. Save time and money by hiring Biggerstaff’s trained technicians, and take a look at what your 
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How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

Having your drains cleaned on a regular basis is a wise choice as a homeowner. The lack of maintenance allows severe clogs to form over time. When clogs are allowed to form over the course of many years, they can expand and burst pipes inside the house without any warning. These emergencies can occur at the worst possible of times, so it is important to have your drains cleaned every year or six months.
Clean bathroom with freshly cleaned drains


Many AC units in homes do not show signs of problems before they stop working. However, there are things that you can look out for. When the AC does not put out cold air, makes odd noises or tends to sound labored when working, it is time to get the AC system fixed.


The systems that can be installed in the home for water filtration and softening are necessary in many different locales. Some places have hard water while other locales have water that is not treated very well. This could lead to people needing extra water filtration in the property. The best thing to do is to have water filtration or softening systems installed where the water comes into the house. Water filtration systems can also be installed under sinks or by the refrigerator to ensure that all of the drinking water is filtered.
Air dehumidifier


Having a dehumidifier in the house is the best solution for the family when they live in a place that tends to be very humid or when they have moisture problems in the house. While many houses have dampness in the basement, a dehumidifier can help to get rid of moisture when the basement tends to be damp in the warm or rainy season.

The best plumbing services cover all components of the house. From water filtration and treatment systems to the cleaning of all of the drains and pipes, plumbing services can keep a home comfortable and clean for the entire year. Having regular service done helps to prevent problems and keeps the family safe in the home.
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