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A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency! Stop now and call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating at (402) 466-8118 for fast, reliable and efficient emergency repair so you can get back to your routine with the least disruption possible.

There is nothing more dangerous to a home than water. While fire tends to get a lot of attention from home owners, as it should, the risk that water brings is not always something that a homeowner can fully grasp. After all: people hear about fires ruining a home all the time; it isn't often, though, that the news reports how a burst pipe has caused a home to be condemned, or how a small leak made its way through the home and costs thousands of dollars.
Water coming out of a burst pipe


The problem with water is that, like fire, it completely goes against the materials that are used to build a home. When Burst Pipe Repair Services in Lincoln NEyou are talking about porous materials like drywall, wood, and even some types of stone, you are dealing with materials that can be easily be destroyed by water. Whether or not it causes issues with the stability of material, it easily damages it to the point that it needs to be replaced.

When it comes to water damage to the home, a good amount of it can stem from pipes that are under the home and in the walls. The thing is, when most people think of a burst pipe, they think about water bursting out and into a home at an alarming rate.


The truth is, there are just as many situations where only a trickle of water is coming out. While a true burst pipe can cause catastrophic damage to property, a trickle of water can cause damage to. Even if there isn't any visible damage to wood or dry wall, it can cause mold, which can build up behind a wall, eventually leading to health issues.
The best way to take care of a burst pipe, may it be a major burst or a small burst, it to immediately turn off the water supply to the home. Once this is done, you need to call out a professional who specializes in pipes, to not just take care of the area where the pipe is burst, but also to make sure that there are no other danger areas along the pipe.

Fixing a burst pipe is not one that should be done by someone who isn't an expert in the field. It needs to be left to a professional who knows exactly what they are doing, meaning that there is no risk being taken with the job. You can find more info by taking a look online.
A burst pipe dripping in a residence


Looking for reliable, cost-effective re-piping solutions for your Lincoln home? Call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc now at 
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Sometimes homes have water problems. Water may be rust colored, drains slow running and pipes caked with unsanitary Repiping Services Install and Repair Lincoln NE debris. No homeowner can ignore these problems. This usually means calling repiping services. Professionals can have your pipe system up and operating properly in no time. Usually in two to three days. With work done in homes, the cost of repairing wall board is factored in. Any holes needed for new pipes to run through to bath areas 
kitchen sinks or water heater will be minimal.
Residential pipe illustration


Homes with older plumbing are candidates for new plumbing. Old galvanized pipes may leak and are from an outdated plumbing era. If a home has the disadvantage of copper plumbing, new pipes are in order. PEX equipped with yellow fitting and, Kitec and Polybutylene pipes all signal a need for new plumbing.

Repiping can be done with the latest materials. This is generally PEX (Cross Linked Polyethylene) since it is so flexible and it stands up to the elements. Repiping services funnel piping to your whole house re-fitting, tubes, sinks and hot water facilities. A repiping will fit any valves and the piping is insulated using dark lining. This keeps UV Rays from wearing at the pipes.


Homes equipped with old piping have very hard time keeping clean water. Buying water is expensive and using water from bad pipes is dangerous. Repiping is sometimes the only answer to the problem. We do the best job possible for your home and the health of your family when repiping. Our workmen will cause as little disturbance to your family as possible; always respecting your home and property.


Rust and other debris can bring water flow to a crawl, making water usage in your home less than convenient. A total revamping of the pipes in your home may be the only way to clear up clogging and rust leaks. Poor plumbing brings mold and mildew into your home. This can create problems for your family health and cause property damage.
A water source is a main part of survival and it cannot afford contamination. Repiping services remove dangerous pipe problems from your home before they have an opportunity to harm your family. Call and get an estimate for this important service. Work is guaranteed by our plumbing professionals. People pay thousands of dollars for clean water. Some places in the world, the water is barely drinkable. So, why not take care of your plumbing and use repiping services and keep your water source healthy.


Have one or multiple clogged drains in your Lincoln home? Get them resolved now by 
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Drain cleaning is an important part of owning any home. That’s why you should make sure you hire the right company to do Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal Service in Lincoln NE the job for you. When you hire us to take care of your drain cleaning you 
will be certain to get the job done right.


If you don’t have your drains cleaned on a regular basis they will clog. In the event that you are faced with clogged drains we can easily come out and take care of those to. Once we free your drains of the buildup that clogs it we can help you make a schedule that will allow you to keep your drains from clogging again.

We have the latest drain cleaning tools and know how to do the job for you. No matter what the clog we can get the drain clear and draining like it should be. No matter if it’s the toilet, sink, or shower we can clean it fast.

Contact us today about how we can help you maintain your pipes in your home. You shouldn’t wait until your drains are clogged before you call a plumber to help. By having your drains cleaned periodically you will be certain to be clog free. We provide fast service for those who have need an emergency drain cleaning as well.


In order to keep your drains in top working condition you should schedule a licensed plumber to come out and inspect and clean them periodically. We can make sure that all the daily buildup that can cause your drains to clog is removed and that your drains inspected to keep you from having any further problems in the future. You shouldn't wait until you have a leak or clog to call us out.

The two most common areas for clogs to occur is in the bathroom and kitchen. That’s because the daily use of soap, hair, and grease can build up in your pipes causing them to clog. When we come out, we will make sure your drains are free and clear of all grime and gunk that may keep them from draining correctly.
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