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Use the same air cleaning systems hospitals use! Call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Inc at (402) 466-8118 today to learn more about how an electronic air cleaner can keep your indoor air quality top-notch.

Many people suffer from respiratory problems that are a direct result of the many pollutants floating around in our atmosphere. These pollutants are one of the causes of asthma and allergies. The pollution had more than doubled over the years. The situation is a cause for alarm, but there is a way to help to remove some of the harmful effect of pollution.
Electronic air cleaning device installed on ceiling


Inside our homes, it is important to do as much as possible to eliminate the problem. One of the ways to do this is Electronic Air Cleaner Services in Lincoln NE with electronic air cleaners. These devices are designed to remove microscopic pieces from the air. This is what an electronic air cleaner does.

Sometime, these air cleaners are also referred to as ionizers. They have filters that trap the particles and keep them from moving back into the air. They do this by using electrons that attach themselves to molecules that are in the air. This creates ions.

These ions are negatively charged, and when they enter into the air, they attract things like smoke and pet dander. When the ions attract these pollutants, they become larger, and this is what causes them to become trapped inside the filter. The process is an efficient one, but there are some things to know. The filter must be changed on a regular basis. If it is not, there is a strong chance that the filter is not trapping the particles at all. Mold, pollen, and odors are some of the other things that these machines remove. However, not all air cleaners are the same, and they do not all work the same.


Aside from the ionizer, there is the air cleaner that uses an activated charcoal filter. This type of cleaning system was the forerunner of the ionizer. It does a great job of removing and trapping odors in its charcoal filter, but it is not as effective in removing dust, or pollen. The antibacterial filter works best in homes where there is a higher percentage of bacteria in the air, and they work best if they are combined with a HEPA filter. The basic idea behind air cleaners is to keep the air free from things that can cause people problems.

There are so many of these cleaning devices on the market, it might make it hard to know which one to choose. It comes down to what the individual needs. However, the best choice is usually the one that offers the most features. Choose the one that can remove particles from the air, eliminate odors, and keep the air fresh.
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Looking to upgrade your home's heating and air conditioning system with a programmable thermostat that sets the right temperature for you without having to think about it? Save time and money today! Call Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Inc, your Lincoln thermostat specialists at (402) 466-8118 now!

It’s amazing to learn how much a well-functioning thermostat can contribute to a home’s heating and cooling. A thermostat does more than just set the temperature that the homeowner wants. Modern thermostats can raise or lower the heat levels in different rooms and can be programmed to come on and shut off at a set time.


Besides repairing our customers’ thermostats, we can also show them how to program the newer kind. Some of these thermostats are so sophisticated they can be programmed remotely over the internet. This means that the thermostat can start to cool down or warm up the house even before the members of the household come home from school or work.

Family owned and operated, Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Inc has been in business in the communities around Lincoln, Nebraska for close to 60 years. Our plumbers are all fully trained, insured and licensed. They’re also tidy, punctual, courteous and adhere to the very highest standards of professionalism and workmanship. We also give free estimates and offer financing to our customers who need it.

If you’re a homeowner in the Lincoln area who needs thermostat maintenance or repairs, don’t hesitate to call us at Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Inc, Inc Plumbing & Heating at (402) 466-8118. Remember, we're also available for emergencies.


A thermostat that’s not working right can cause an HVAC system to cycle too frequently or to shut down all together. It might leave a room uncomfortably hot or another room too cold. Thermostats can also be a bit temperamental. Sometimes all that’s wrong with them is that the inner workings need a bit of cleaning. Sometimes, the wires inside of the thermostat services Install and Repair in Lincoln NE thermostat have become detached or have frayed. If the thermostat is mercury based, it might not be level on the wall.

Of course, sometimes a thermostat can be broken beyond repair and will need to be replaced, hopefully with a more up-to-date model. This is why if a homeowner believes that there’s something wrong wit their thermostat, they should get in touch with a professional plumbing company like Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Inc, Inc. to fix it.
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